A Sci-Fi action racer that makes your heart pump

Sci-Fi action racing in a unique and hand-crafted world
for a cinematic tournament experience

Become the best Racer in the Galaxy

StarBoost is an adrenaline rush of a racer: quick maneuvering, shooting and strafing is essential to survive the deadly tournament races.

Test your skill and reaction speed in this action-packed sci-fi racing game. Find your own playing style: are you a slick dodger or more of an aggressive juggernaut? Skillfully avoid asteroids and other obstacles and defend against attacking enemies.
Fly in solo mode to win challenges or beat fierce opponents in the official tournament.
Winning the tournament allows you to travel to the next planet.

Upgrade your Fleet

Upgrade your fleet and unlock Powerups to improve your racer’s abilities and crack highscores. Rank up your racing captain to unlock more racing ships with unique capabilites and flying behaviour.

Explore & Discover

Use the Exploration Mode to freely roam the race tracks and discover hidden secrects which will unlock shortcuts during the race and unveil the background story of the tourament’s owner: Astral Core Corporation.

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Meet the Team

We are a small indie game studio from the lovely Schwarzwald region in Germany, currently laser focused on developing StarBoost towards the vision we have for it.


Builder of Worlds

Creating environment, race tracks and story. Has a knack for logic, numbers and mazes.


Developer Cookie

Responsible for overall development, programming and UI. Problem solver by trade.