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DEVLOG 05 – Development Insights: Fighting Mechanics

This time we want to bring you behind the scenes - right into our development process: our thoughts, explorations and what we are currently working on to bring StarBoost onto the[…]

DEVLOG 04 – About Demo & Plans for Release

After the launch of the Demo during Steam Next we were quite relieved – considering the fact that it was our first Steam launch everything went smooth. No major bugs, no[…]

Steam Next Festival - Public free Demo of StarBoost

DEVLOG 03 | Road to Steam Next Public Demo

Steam Next Festival is around the corner and with that our biggest milestone so far: the first public demo. Read more about the release and what went into it here.

Managing Tasks – Todo Addiction

How are you keeping track of a big load of todos in your projects? Simple lists, handwritten notes, a more fancy tool?I had way too many different tools in the pasts,[…]