DEVLOG 04 – About Demo & Plans for Release

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After the launch of the Demo during Steam Next we were quite relieved – considering the fact that it was our first Steam launch everything went smooth. No major bugs, no drama, just a bit of stressing out behind the scenes about what could potentially go wrong. All the usual jazz…

We received a lot of feedback from different players – which was great. It’s surprising how much more insights into your own game you can gain by listening to as many external perspectives as possible. One of the main critique points we had was that the controls were not optimal and some users were frustrated by that. We took that by heart and immediately went to work. After only a couple of days after the official demo launch we pushed a major update with Keyboard/Mouse controlls added and fully integrated into the game mechanics and GUI.

In hindsight that was overdue and we should have had that in directly, but somehow we tested that earlier on in the development and it had many flaws so we crossed that off the list. Lesson learned: maybe it was an unfit implementation, not the idea that was bad!

Besides that aspect, feedback was good: overall the looks and feel of the game seem to trigger a good response by players, which is great and motivating for us to hear.

example of build update announcement

By the way: we are posting updates on recent builds and patches we make directly on steam with a detailed overview. We announce those everytime there is something important going on so you’ll not miss it. We keep this routine and maintain it also for the full game release to make development transparent and easy to follow.

Now we have the next big goal ahead: the Early Access Launch. This keeps us busy with planning, discussing features, always coming up with new ideas, compacting the ideas only moments later to a realistic form or saving it for different moments (our scope needs to be very focused to get everything done until EA), making lists, more planning…

It’s an intense ride and we are super happy to be on it and look forward to the next big goal. The last milestone gave us a confidence boost so we are soldiering on.

More soon!
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Thanks for your time and we hope you’ll be back for the next devlog,
your StarBoost Team


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